Sultanpur Lodhi is the first and foremost seat of Gur-Sikh learning where the tender, that the gentle child with the most challenging of all questions that shocked the greatest of spiritual masters and shook the very foundations all political and religious establishments —their hierarchy, Nanak, became the Guru – that extraordinary master with the most beautiful and transformative of all songs, and the answers from the realms of the Real.

After the tragic partition of Punjab in 1947, it was the first time that Gurbani Sangeet enthusiasts had begun to converge again from across the world to study at Sultanpur Lodhi.

The legacy of this ancient seat of learning had finally been revived!
On August 4, 2015, the local Punjab Police SHO, Harpreet Singh illegally attacked the Conservatory situated inside the Qila, Sultanpur Lodhi, threatening young students from underserved communities with immediate arrest and prosecution, allegedly at behest of local Akali Dal politician, former Finance Minister of Punjab, Dr. Upinderjit Kaur.

It is now time that we joined hands to recover the home of the most precious attempt in Sikh history at conserving and celebrating Punjab’s indigenous cultural traditions from the clutches of the corrupt and unlawful local police, abettor Punjab administration officials and politicians. Anad is a coming together of all those who care for Punjab and have been endowed with the gift of responsibly conserving and celebrating its extraordinary cultural heritage!
Join hands with Anad Foundation to fight against the illegal occupation and desecration of aheritage site by the local Police Station and help aesthetically and socio-culturally rebuild Punjab!

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