SHO Harpreet Singh, Former SSP of Kapurthala, Former DSP Devender Singh, Ashish Chodhary IPS, their assisting policemen, and Former Finance Minister of Punjab, Dr. Upinderjit Kaur, you are —squatting in Anad Foundation’s offices, classrooms, residences and lawns inside the Qila. I have waited for you to call me and apologise and invite me back in the Qila for which I along with some of the most fascinating contributors to Punjab have spent energy and blessed with their collective vision.

All of you combined together have shown yourselves as enemies of Punjab – its cultural heritage and now proven to only being good at butchering Punjab’s budding youth – their aspirations. You only know how to serve your petty interests. But sadly for you all, daddy has come home and daddy now asks the kids to behave! Sadly for you all, daddy is not a beggar —daddy is a tough teacher and I hope you all have secretly realized that you don’t mess up with this daddy-boy called Bhai Baldeep Singh.

Navtej Cheema, you have also been lying to people that you brought money —”crores of Rupees” you claimed – and that too for Anad Foundation —I will deal with that video of yours which I have only recently sourced. This Dr. Upinderjit Kaur was introduced to me as an academic and I had thought of adopting her as a mother when my own mother was slowly succumbing to cancer. But what a liar she proved out to be – going around in her election campaign claiming she had given 3 crores to Anad! Her PA even bragged to and taunted me once —that they had actually given 5 Crores.

Never-mind all of that —none of you will ever win an election unless a miracle happens – when you have shown extraordinary regret, some genuine remorse —this is not my curse, it is my blessing!
I never needed to fight an elections —you guys forced me for your kind of legislators have only eaten up Punjab, emptied its coffers and destroyed its prospects —all round prospects at that.
Even if I were to forgive you all —wherefrom will you give the chance back to the youngsters to study with some of the legends like Bhai’s Avtar Singh, Ustad Fahiumuddin Khan, Ustad Hafiz Khan, Ustad Asad Ali Khan, Pandit Panna Lal Upadhyay, Ustad Bhajan Lal, Bibi Jaswant Kaur and others who have all passed away?
Other like Bhai Gurcharan Singh, now at 100, and Ustad Vilayat Khan Ragi at 95 are unable to teach now!
These are just a few names!

Learn your lesson very quickly folks for I will prove to you that you are not the rulers but public servants and from now on you will keep your diktat in your pants only.

Adios for now – I will speak about this all and much more at the Parliament of Worlds Religions!
Listen to the video folks — share it all around — spread this anguish of a set of parents and the near death of their hope! Together, we shall not let the flame flicker away!
Do we want Punjab healthy and wealthy? If yes, come along with me and we will change this paradigm in Punjab and believe you me – things will never be the same!
yours sincerely,