It was on July 29, 2015, that I posted this thought (which I am sharing) which makes an argument of starting the 2nd Gurudwara Reform Movement. 5 days later, the Sultanpur Lodhi stationed Punjab Police cops are given the go ahead to illegally desecrate heritage assets including musical instruments and precious tools, sacred manuscripts, documents, stencils, etc., are all forcibly evicted. Students, faculty and staff threatened with immediate arrest and torture is they did not leave the rooms.
Attending the Parliament of the World’s Religions at the Salt Lake City, Utah, I just wondered if this announcement of mine —a call of sorts, to start the 2nd Gurudwara Reform Movement is connected with the immediate action —unlawful, arbitrary, dictatorial, petty, at that, against the The Anād Foundation, but me, in particular?

Because I have now been asking about the whereabouts and control of Sikh assets —financial, territorial, military, etc., all included, does it mean my very existence is under threat?