Limp-jogging around the campus

It must have been over two decades ago since I last got hurt playing a game or two. All injuries then, were sported proudly like a badge of honour earned in a battlefield as if. The walk used to gain a war veteran’s sway and even flamboyance. To play when injured would be considered heroic with one’s attitude laced with new found aggression, as if drugged with a new recipe of adrenalin only available to higher mortals.

But since, I have watched my waistline slowly grow – without any alarm whatsoever. The self-label since recent years “am old-fat and ugly” is in the process of becoming “older, fatter and uglier”. I also seem to have fallen in love with the little belly bulge calling it my ‘asset’ 😉 In any case, the multi-packs these silver screen heroes display are obnoxious for my single pack is bigger than the accumulative mass of their 6 or 8 packs. Occasionally, I have begun to draw comfort by comparing my bulge with elders like Bhai Balbir Singh although meeting his eldest son, Bhai Bahadur Singh, was comforting for he also seemed at least double my size.

Well, perhaps it is this wonderful environment in the Guru Nanak Dev University campus that lured me to wear a t-shirt again and go out jogging. I must have become old now for even the presence of countless young ‘ladies’ in the campus failed to bring any sparkle in my jog-stride. Not one of the young ‘men’ noticed me jogging albeit slower than the slowest people walking. The badminton court was luring though and yesterday I had a session – a lot of shuttle-knocking around with an assist-professor who really plays well and then had two games with two different people, one lost – one won. I slipped twice while playing and woke up in the morning with frozen knees. Nobody took my limp as a veteran’s sway – a badge of honour. Just old age catching up they thought.