Nihal Singh

Nihal Singh, Maryland

The summer 2011 Gurbani Kirtan Course with Bhai Baldeep Singh ji in Espanola, New Mexico was truly a meaningful and memorable meeting of minds and talents. An intensive twelve-day retreat, the course was nothing short of an apodictic negation of the modern mentality that tradition cannot be taught. Bhai Baldeep Singh ji’s dedication to detail in conveying the most subtle nuances of Sikh intangible heritage, be they in the voice, on the strings, or in percussion, is truly a testament to the meticulous scholarship of the gurbani sangeet tradition’s protagonists. Within the revival of interest in the Guru’s tradition, the course was something genuinely unique. Bhai Sahib ji inspired and enthralled an eclectic meeting of enthusiasts from all over North America with his beautifully hand-crafted instruments, vast knowledge of naad and laya yoga, and insightful responses to all queries that came up. When learning from Bhai Baldeep Singh ji, there is an undeniable sense that one is drinking from the source of the stream—that one is living the same legacy of the Gurus and Gursikhs—that one is taking part in a crucial renaissance.

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