Guru Mander Kaur

This gurbani course has given me the opportunity to tune in to the importance of sacred sound in the sikh tradition, to the lineage of the Gurus, and to my own voice, as if it was “a boat that could take me to a very special place” as Bhai Baldeep Singh put it.

It was a very complex but deep experience for me on many levels. First of all, the very little percentage of what I understood about the ancient knowledge of the ragas has given me a wider perspective of sound and music, and all of its infinite possibilities, not only for singing but also as a human being.

The experience of being 12 days immersed in this course, where we eat, rest, sing, meditate, and practice together as a small community, is very powerful. I felt supported from everyone throughout the course.

It seems to me that this is not something light to take home, put it on a shelf and forget about it in a couple of months. It is a path that we can choose to follow towards the Guru´s feet through his Bani.

– Guru Mander K

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