Amrita Kaur Khalsa

Amrita Kaur Khalsa, Tucson, Arizona

Because I have been coming to the music courses since I was about 3 years old, I think the experience has been different for me than those who have come at an older age. This tradition has been around my family for about 14 years. For me the core group of students have become a big family that I see once or twice a year.

Having met Bhai Baldeep, and knowing him for almost my whole life as well as knowing his wife and 2 boys has brought us to India several times. Going to India and traveling there showed me a whole different part of the world and how people live there.  At first that was very hard for me as I was a young child but over the years I have grown to love India. Those experiences in India as well as attending the Music courses at least once a year for about 14 years has taught me things that I otherwise wouldn’t have learned.

Being around this “family” and tradition for 14 years is what I know and have grown up with. I have heard the kirtan for as long as I can remember giving me a distinct perspective on it all.

This music is a part of our Sikh history.  Knowing it and being a part of it is a way to keep it alive.

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