Keerat Kaur I

Keerat Kaur
Gurbani Keertan Retreat with Bhai Baldeep Singh
Jan. 1st, 2012

Mid-Course Review
Taal is essentially the basic framework of a musical compilation – it supports the composition the same way a fence supports a vine. This course has further exposed me to the logistics of taal and its relationship to both percussion and vocals. Writing out gat bols has helped me better understand the flow and structure of compositions, as well as having taught me what the bols sound like when played. This recognition helps in following along and remaining in synchronization with the tabla/jori while singing.
I have been able to apply the work ethic promoted and taught in class to practical situations in life, as well – whether it be studying for an exam or running errands for the household. You have always taught us that hard work is most important in any system of learning. Hard work always pays off, and I have begun to see some results when I compare my current stance to when I first began learning. Furthermore, I incessantly remind myself that much more work needs to be put in.
I have made a list of some goals that I have set to work on before  the next retreat:

  • Extending my vocal range to at least 2 full octaves
  • Practicing variations of notes in scales of different ragas to get a better understanding of what the same note sounds like when sung in a different scale
  • Reviewing key elements and subtle difference between ragas that we have explored (ex: todi and gujri) through teekas and compositions.
  • Memorizing the shabads that we have sung
  • Memorizing gat/saath compositions, most importantly, all of the thekas

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