Retreat 29: London, Ontario 2011-12

A 13-day intensive retreat was conducted by the Anād Conservatory, where Bhai Baldeep Singh taught a university and school going students who will not be able to attend the 12-day intensive retreat being held at Qila, Sultanpur Lodhi from February 9, 2012 due to their semester timings.
This retreat was hosted by Sardar Harkinder Singh Chahal and his wife, Bibi Dalbir Kaur Chahal at their residence in London, Ontario. Keerat Kaur, Harkamal Singh, Baljinder Singh Bassi and Tanvir Singh Suri were the full term attendees while Raviraj Singh joined for the last 6 days. Subodh Bharati, 12-years old Israj enthusiast Ekam Singh, Iqbal Singh, Sonika Kaur, the talented sisters 13-years old Amuleek Kaur and 9-years old Har Sohena Kaur participated for shorter durations.

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