Keerat Kaur Chahal

Studying with Bhai Baldeep Singh has allowed me to experience Gurbani Keertan the way it was intended by the Gurus – a beautiful combination of notes, tala, and shabad. The 2011 Gurbani Keertan Workshop taught me how to better my understanding of ragaic patterns, and the subtleties and precision with which the ragas are sung and brought to life.

The concept of ‘Gurubhai’ and ‘Gurubhain,’ can be loosely translated as ‘classmate,’ but with the added element of being bound by a sense of duty towards one another. There is a responsibility to share knowledge and help support each other as we gain insight from our teacher.  This has always brought about a comforting sense of family among Bhai Baldeep Singh’s students and is a constant source of motivation.

Keerat Kaur,
London ON, Canada

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