Raviraj Singh

Being my first workshop with Bhai Baldeep Singh Ji, I had the chance and pleasure to experience the traditional learning style of the Gurbani Kirtan Parampara. Concepts of voice culture, Naad yoga, Sikh instrumentation and compositional works from Guru times were explored in a discourse which is rarely found today. In this quest of the revival of Gurmat Kirtan, Bhai sahib ji is a foremost exponent. I was pleasantly surprised by the hours of research that he has put into giving us a taste into the Gurus’ kirtan and making sure that it remains alive. He has revived the instruments of the Guru darbar single-handedly and has reproduced them in as much detail as we currently understand them to have been in. I was stunned by the quality, detail, tone and his mastery of the instruments he has produced. Due to Bhai Baldeep Singh Ji’s efforts, this dying tradition seems to have a very vibrant and lively future.

Raviraj Singh

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