Tanvir Singh Suri II

Full-term Review
During the second half of the course, we were taught jatia. This was a very uncomfortable zone for me. I have learned arr kaide before and I was comfortable with them but going past them and moving on to khand jati, mishr jati, and sankeeran jati was very challenging. I learned that I had to be able to recite them while I was rendering in order to be able to play them properly. The whole science behind the jati’s was very interesting to learn about.

We then moved on and learned how to change the pura on a right hand chattoo. A mistake that I made very often was having the new pura to be bigger then it supposed to be. This makes the skin stretch out and doesn’t allow it to fit perfectly. When Bhai Saheb saw that the head was too big I thought he would proceed and change it. But he did not. He taught us how to make the head slightly bigger so it would fit perfectly. And then proceeded with the changing. My 2nd most frequently made mistake was not wrapping the support ropes properly around the chattoo. This allows for the new pura to slip and come off the head. I have found myself in this condition many times and its very frustrating when one has to undo all his work start over just because the support ropes were not done to perfection.

We then started saath. We learned the difference in the three different methods of playing saath, Jatt, and gatt. We started with very basic bols and learned that hand positioning is very crucial in this art. When we started the bols in tha laya. We learned to almost sway and dance with the bols if we were to take the real anand or lahaa of them. As we did this we learned that our laya was not increasing and almost liked to listen to the resonance of the bols rather then the bols themselves.

Tanvir Singh

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