ESEM XXIX Seminar, Berne, Switzerland Images II
Day 3, 4 and 5. Session VII. Roundtable chaired by Professor Dan Lundberg (Sweden), lunch break with the Swedish colleagues where we had one of our members playing the Accordion post-lunch, Sound Shuttle – A Sound Walk through Berne’s historic center (starting point Munsterplatz), and then the Excursion on Saturday, September 7, 2013, to Magisalp in Hasliberg region where we also got to see the cheese festival – what a cheese treat!

Image scape as follows:

P1160563 P1160564 P1160565 P1160566 P1160567 P1160569 P1160571 P1160572 P1160574 P1160577 P1160581 P1160582 P1160583 P1160586 P1160592 P1160593 P1160594 P1160596 P1160599 P1160602 P1160603 P1160612 P1160613 P1160614 P1160615 P1160616 P1160618 P1160619 P1160621 P1160642 P1160650 P1160654 P1160655 P1160656 P1160657 P1160659 P1160660 P1160662 P1160663 P1160675 P1160676 P1160677 P1160678 P1160705 P1160708 P1160710 P1160712 P1160717 P1160721 P1160722 P1160723 P1160729 P1160732 P1160733 P1160742 P1160748 P1160758 P1160760 P1160761 P1160763 P1160768 P1160771 P1160774 P1160778 P1160780 P1160781 P1160787 P1160796 P1160799 P1160800 P1160809 P1160812 P1160818 P1160819 P1160824 P1160827 P1160834 P1160852 P1160857 P1160858 P1160862 P1160866 P1160868 P1160873 P1160877 P1160882 P1160890 P1160922 P1160950 P1160955 P1160958 P1160963 P1160964 P1160970 P1160972 P1160976 P1160980 P1160981 P1160988 P1160993 P1160995 P1160998 P1170008 P1170009 P1170012 P1170013 P1170015 P1170016 P1170018 P1170021 P1170022 P1170023 P1170026 P1170028 P1170030 P1170034 P1170036 P1170039 P1170041 P1170043 P1170045 P1170052 P1170060 P1170061 P1170063 P1170067 P1170069P1170070